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I've worked in the music industry for over 20 years. Initially I started out as a bass player and backing vocalist, and over the years learnt how to play keyboards and guitar (in addition to a few oddities) as well as improving my vocal abilities.


As a bass player I was always interested in the relationship between the bass and drums, and it's importance within the context of a song and started exploring this. As I began how to learn to write songs and play other instruments this naturally progressed into an interest in recorded sound as well. After playing friends some demos I had made on an inexpensive four track portastudio I was asked to record a friends band (with disastrous results!) but it quickly grew into an obsession and I quickly found myself being asked to record more and more bands.


Over the years I have worked with a plethora of acts ranging from Heavy Metal to Acoustic folk acts, Indie bands, R&B & Hip Hop artists, and Electronic Producers. But I always aim to bring something new to an acts sound and add my own personal touches, regardless of whether I'm playing up on stage, or sat behind the mixing desk.


In the early 2000's I achieved some notoriety with my own bands Dummy Head Stereo & Yamaguchi, and performed live as Stumpy Ovation in a number of resident gigs and even toured with Super Furry Animals and The Levellers.


Later I would find more work on the tribute circuit providing backing tracks, keyboards, bass, vocals & guitars for acts covering artists from Madonna to Iron Maiden, and have worked in France, Germany, Holland & the Netherlands, Finland, Portugal & Canada. During this I have still continued to record new emerging artists and provide production and mastering services.


I am currently working as a session musician, writing songs for bands and solo artists, writing music for TV, Films & Games, and I also run a mobile recording studio.

Robin Firth

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